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My passion for fitness began in college back in 2008. I started personal training and coaching group classes in order to have a better grasp on fitness for my dance career. I danced with several contemporary dance companies in my 20s and worked in fitness on the side. When I decided to retire from dance, I went full time into fitness. For several years I was personal training and teaching group fitness classes all over Chicago at different big box gyms.
In the last 4 years, I have honed in mostly on training. I found that I love working with clients one on one and getting to know their why. I design programs specifically for their goals, I listen, and I adjust when necessary. Watching them get stronger day by day is the best reward. Two of my biggest goals are empowering my clients to have the confidence to walk into the gym and lift solo, or to take a group fitness class with better form.
I am dedicated to helping my clients find their mind body connection. Whether you are training with me one on one, or in a group class, you will feel that every exercise selection was intentional. Through energetic vibes, precise cueing, encouragement, and big smiles you will leave our session feeling like a better version of yourself.
Let's work together to build a pain free, mobile, strong and beautiful body that you can be proud of.

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