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My passion for fitness began in college back in 2008. I started personal training and coaching group classes in order to have a better grasp on fitness for my dance career. Ever since then I have been hungry for knowledge. I am constantly trying to learn more about my craft through certifications, conferences, books and observing and listening to mentors. This industry is ever changing, and it is my job to bring the best practices to my clients.

I love working with my clients one on one and getting to know their why. I design programs specifically for their goals, I listen, and I adjust when necessary. Watching them get stronger day by day is the best reward. Empowering my clients to have the confidence to walk into the gym and lift solo, or to take a group fitness class with better form, is one of my goals. Let's work together to build a pain free, mobile, strong and beautiful body that you can be proud of.


A healthier, happier lifestyle awaits you. Reach out today for inquiries about virtual or in person training.

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Sarah A.

I got to know Becca through her group fitness classes and loved the enthusiasm and intensity she brought to every class. I was a regular at her Friday 6am class, even in the dead of winter. Eventually, she started offering private training sessions and I knew I had to get on her schedule. Becca has been training me twice per week for the past 6 months. She brings the enthusiasm I need to get me out of my funks and I always feel so much better after each session. I have been seeing myself get stronger. I can ride farther and harder in cycling class, and I can show up for jogs with friends and actually enjoy it. Seeing my body more defined is just an added benefit. I’m so grateful to Becca, especially during social distancing. She has helped me stay on track, calm, and maintain some sanity. Becca is intelligent, hard working, enthusiastic, and kind. I leave every session feeling stronger and inspired by her and I cannot recommend her enough.


Personal Trainer, American Council on Exercise
Primary Group Exercise, Aerobics and Fitness Association of America
PTA Global Bridging, PTA Global
TRX Suspension Trainer, TRX Training 
ViPR, Fitpro
Perinatal Fitness and Wellness, Healthy Moms
Schwinn Cycling, Schwinn
Aerial Fitness, AIR
Spinning, Mad Dogg Athletics
Pound, PoundFit
BFA, Dance and Choreography, Ohio University

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